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Better Together

Delivering Moodle through the Microsoft Azure enterprise-grade cloud computing platform brings together two of the most powerful services within their sectors. Running Moodle on Azure allows users to create and share content with tools that they are familiar with, backed by a trusted high-performance hosting platform.  

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What are the benefits?

Single Sign On

Sign-in to Moodle using existing Office 365 usernames and passwords - no need to 
remember additional credentials.

Moodle App Launcher

Moodle can appear in the Office 365 app launcher alongside all other Office 365 
services, making it easy for users to find.

Presentation Integration

Office Mix presentations can be integrated into course assignments allowing rapid authoring of rich interactive content.

Sharepoint Creation

Automatically create sharepoint sites for each of your Moodle courses, and integrate with OneDrive for Business, making it even easier for users to access and share course-related files.

Assignment Submission

Students can complete assignments and instructors can grade and comment on them in Onenote, using native familiar interfaces and tools wherever the user may be.


Calendar Integration

Calendar entries created in Moodle (such as scheduled classes) are automatically added to Office 365 Calendars, ensuring your users know where they should be.


What is Moodle?

Moodle is an open source learning platform designed by educators, for educators. It acts as a spine to your learning management needs, allowing you to create and upload courses, build quizzes and assessments, and even act as a reporting tool for things like attendance and results.

The open nature of Moodle means it can easily fit into existing systems, allowing us to adapt and integrate it into whatever you have. Plus, our own development has lead to the creation of many different add-ons and plugins with a whole new set of features.

Our unlimited support and hosting packages mean that you’ll never be left in the dark, and our custom theming means you’ll be able to keep your style and branding in place, making it a part of your online presence.

We believe that Moodle is the best platform to work with regardless of experience, as it’s entirely scalable to your needs. We can tailor each one to everyone, giving you access to as many features as you want or need.

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